Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oklahoma City $$Cash Cab$$

I know it's a New York City cab on the show — I'm presuming you've seen it. Asking questions, winning bucks and even kicking a blind man and elderly woman with at cane out when they answered wrong. What if two gals and a guy got into the OKC Cash Cab at Will Rogers Airport?

"To Edmond," they declare, as the driver (one of the Ogles that was short enough to fit in the cab) responds, "You're in the OKC Cash Cab! But I don't have enough prize money to get to Edmond, but how about Nichols Hills? Answer these questions to win money on the way, or three strikes and I let you out and you have to catch an OKC bus (or never be seen again)."

"First question: Which is older, the State of Oklahoma or Danny Williams?" The passengers replied, "The State of Oklahoma." "Wrong — it's Danny Williams. That's one strike." 

"Second question: Has Governor Brad Henry ever been on time for anything?" The passengers talk among themselves, "What about the Centennial show, or his inauguration? Our answer is 'YES.'" BUZZ!!! "Wrong!!! Strike two! Governor Brad Henry has never, ever been on time for anything. Remember, you have two shout-outs left, either call your City Council person or you can call a friend, but after all, they didn't even pick you up at the airport, did they?"

"Now, your next question: What was the original title of Toby Keith's hit with Willie Nelson, 'Beer for My Horses, Whiskey for My Men'"? The passengers were in a panic mode, with blank stares between them, the clock ticking. In desperation, one yells "Maps for Beers!" "You're right!!! That's $25."

"We have road construction (imagine that in OKC), so as we're stopped, here's a bonus round question. Name the people's autographed pictures that are on the wall of the Oklahoma City Detox Center? Start guessing now: Eddie Sutton? (right) Barry Switzer? (right) One of those lawyers on the TV ads? (right, but which one — there's a lot of them) State labor Secretary, Lloyd Fields? (right) That's another $25!"

The next question: "Has anyone ever dove off the Sonic Building and into the Bricktown Canal?" One of the passengers mutters, "I think so..." "Are you sure?" asks another. "Oh, oh!!! I think I know.... That Chad guy in the Fowler commercials, he did it! I saw it one time between America's Greatest Dog and Law & Order." 

"Whatever — Wrong!!! — XXX — BUZZ — Strike Three!!! (The dive was done with video editing.)"

"I'm pulling over — get out! Get out right here, at the Red Dog Saloon. There's probably some people from Edmond in there, maybe you'll catch a ride." 

Thanks for playing $$OKC Cash Cab$$$ !!!

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