Sunday, September 7, 2008

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Not to brag, but I'm the luckiest, most honest, most trustworthy and best-known person in the whole wide world! Let me give forth some facts to back up this bold statement...

Every day — almost every hour — I WIN something all over the world (never in Oklahoma's lottery, however — or even in Oklahoma, period). Did I mention I'm pretty slick also, because without even entering, I've won the Grand German Giveaway, United Kingdom Sweepstakes, Spanish Spectorama, Canadian Cash Provincial Prize Powerball and Japanese Joyful Jackpot (as notified per my e-mail).

These prizes are in pounds, yen, franks, or various other countries' currencies, all awaiting my bank info to deposit into my account. (I've got sad news for them — my bank account would have a "nervous breakdown" if it saw more than a couple of grand!)

Speaking of the Oklahoma lottery, think about this: Do you know anybody who's actually won it very big? I know it's for the kids (don't tell them we're gambling on their education). Seriously, they've had to increase the promotion money to even get people to play. 

Nope, I haven't won it big in any of Oklahoma's 90-plus casinos, either. Did you know we had that many??? Seventy-seven counties and over 90 casinos (Texas and Arkansas are still throwing a no-hitter). Naming them out loud sounds like a Gary England weather report!

Back to me — widows or orphans, lawyers representing estates, politicians fighting corrupt regimes, people needing business partners, and all from outside the US of A. They find the "Glenster" tucked away in Oklahoma to help them with the big bucks. I'm kind of a super-hero, like maybe "Captain Clearinghouse" — funnel me the funds and I'll save the day!

Some of these people are the Minister of this and the Emperor of that (some big-shot whoopee-do in the third-world la-la-land pecking order). I should have been able to retire already with the "fees" I make off this, but then who'd be "Captain Clearinghouse" for the next hoaxter in distress?

All their letters are marked urgent and their pleas are desperate, but they need to understand that it's hard on my end. When I waltz into my bank to tell them someone will be wiring $10 million into my account, and I will keep $1 million and forward the balance to their business suppliers, they laugh at me. "Whoa, stop! Come on now, buddy. Where's the camera? Is this one of those YouTube doo-dah deals to make us look like a goober?" Or do they just hit the hidden button for security to escort my butt outta there? See the problem for me???

I tell them, just send me cash (in unmarked bills) through the US mail — and if it makes it through the US Postal System, it'll make it through anything.

I'll admit to two things: First, I bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won... another scratch-off lottery ticket. Secondly, those guys have probably been following my career my whole life. I was on Foreman Scotty (rode Woody, the Birthday Horse), the Ho-Ho the Clown Show, and I'm now on Cox Channel 22, Go Scout Homes. That's how I figure they can find me in little old Oklahoma. ("Hey, I don't want to make money, I just want to sell copiers!!!") Whoops — I had a flashback for a minute!

Well, lucky, honest, trustworthy and known world-wide — now you can add that my mommy didn't raise a dummy. Don't trust your e-mails and, as Danny Williams always said, "Watch out for flying chairs."

TIP: Clean your gutters out for better flow.

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