Friday, May 2, 2008

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

There is only one answer for this question — your dog will. We all have puppies that are so sweet, but they grow and grow and grow, and sometimes reach enormous proportions. I've been to a lot of classes on personality types, psychological studies, buyer trends and emotional needs, and profiles of end-users — but none reveal the heart and mind of a dog owner.

Some would only dream of having a small one, some dream of only a large one, and others think a middle-sized one is "just right". Lap dogs, inside dogs, outside dogs. They all have two things in common — eating and pooping. As long as I don't have to step in it or clean it up, then I'm cool with it.

Also amazing is the longer people are together with their dog, the more they look alike. Is there a name for this phenomenon? Doglution, humasdoglooks, nosedozation, or maybe dogeneopoly — if you know, let me know!

Test scores and ratings are HUGE in education these days, so I'm proud to announce a little achievement of my own. In the recent CBS Sports NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, out of over 4 million contestants, I was 106,367th (looking good up there with the UPPER percentile of bad boys). Do statistics lie? I don't think so!

If you get a chance, check out the new Warren Theatres in Moore. What a class act! Food service balconies, a '50s diner inside, a fireplace seating area, 25" wide seats (comfortable to no end — pun intended), and the rich look of old downtown theatres of the 1930s, which I was privileged in the 1960s to visit in downtown OKC, before they tore them down for urban renewal. There were ten theatres in downtown OKC — some were not so elaborate, but a half-dozen were to die for.

Remember, if you try to pet a strange dog, it's your hand...

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