Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pinky Lee...And Who Dressed Me?

Recently, I was getting ready for another busy day. As I was getting dressed, I chose a pink oxford cloth button-down collar shirt, gray slacks and a bright blue/pink/yellow/green striped tie. This would be a great spring outfit!
My first stop was a home inspection. Upon arrival, the inspector said, "You must be very confident of your manhood to wear that pink shirt." Well, I never thought it was in question. Aren't we way past this pink shirt pastel preponderance of ridicule for just trying to be stylish and using the whole palette of choices? It's just a shirt!

I'm a life-long reader of GQ magazine, former clothes salesman and life-long clothes horse. Now, could you convince my daughters I know how to dress? I think not. I'll admit my recent combos of clothes sometimes push the downward limits. 

My childhood friend Randy and I have spent a zillion hours over the years looking at men's clothes to find the "Greatest Bargain of the Western Hemisphere". A lot of styles and trends have come and gone over the years such as bell bottoms, leisure suits with vests, big collar or small collar shirts. Ties with flowers, stars, stripes, globs, assorted abstract figures and cars. Shirts in yellow, blue, pink, green, beige which are plain, plaid, striped, or with goofy designs have graced your upper torso.

Our mecca of conservative clothing for men is fixing to close — Harold's Men's Wear on Campus Corner in Norman. When I read this, I didn't know whether to cry or go out and gather protesters to march with big signs. Then I realized it had sold its soul to the corporate demi-gods instead of staying a small family business. The home of the rugby shirt, 429 loafers and the endless madras shirt will close the doors, no matter what anybody does.

Our world keeps going in spite of the Harold's Campus Corner closing because Oklahomans are resilient. A change to another long-standing icon of individual style in clothing, Langston's department store in Stockyards City, is that place. Now remember my new mantra — "Only Real Cowboys Wear Pink Shirts!"

A short tip: If you have guttering, please clean them out ASAP — and if you don't have gutters, get them. This will save and relieve stress on that big asset — YOUR HOME.

Say "hi" if you see me (the guy in the pink shirt)...

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